About the band

We're Rabbit Steps, a group of musical misfits who play a diverse range of rock music. Our musical journey will take you from classic rock 'n roll to modern alternative, with each beat making your audience groove and sing along.

Our performances are full of energy, and we like to keep things fun with a hint of rebelliousness. But don't worry - we won't offend your grandma. Unless that's what she's into.

So, if you're looking to have a good time or just enjoy great music, Rabbit Steps is the ideal choice for your next event. Get ready for a night of lively music that will leave your audience asking for more.

Main Members

Dani Bosveld

Lead vocals — Dictates the singing game. Also waves his mic stand like a dictator.

Michiel van den Hurk

Guitar & backing vocals — Used to be the drummer, but got lonely in the back.

Jeroen Jansen

Guitar & backing vocals — Kills the Sultans of Swing solo while swinging like a sultan.

Koen Klaren

Bass guitar — You know one is a good bassist when he has a beard.

Noortje Pellens

Drums — May be in the back, but powerful beats will hit you in the front.

Honorary Members

Jed Jones

Drums & backing vocals — English drumming legend that will make other drummers & metronomes feel insecure.

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